Posting the Graphic Image to a Web Server

Before applying any banner (or other graphic) to an email signature, the graphic must be posted to a publicly accessible web server. You may find that the easiest way, or most appropriate way, is to post, or have someone else post, the graphics to your own server.

Alternatively, you may request that we set you up with credentials needed to post your graphics (via FTP) to the web server we maintain for this purpose. The posting method will be via FTP and you will be responsible for selecting an appropriate FTP program / approach to use. FTP is common and someone in your organization will be able to help you if you need assistance.

Using the Banner Administration Tool

The URL you need to enter to access the tool is:

You will see this login dialog. (The credentials you need will have been provided to you separately.)

Email Signature Banner Instructions 0

Once logged in you will need to click the “Banner Admin” link.

Email Signature Banner Instructions 1

The actual banner administration is really quite simple. You will need to do the following:

  • Check the box(s) that appear to the right of the email signature program(s) that you wish to apply this particular banner to.
  • Enter the full URL for the location of the graphic on the web server.
  • Enter the full URL for the hyperlink that you want used when someone clicks on the banner. If you do not want to hyperlink the banner you can leave this blank.
  • Check the “Scale for Retina Displays” box if you posted a double-size graphic (for HD / Retina Display optimization).
  • Click SAVE to apply the new banner to all the signatures in the selected program(s).

Note: The process of saving can take a long time if the number of signatures is large - up to 15 minutes or more for many thousands of signatures.

The graphic below illustrates these steps.

Email Signature Banner Instructions 2

Below is an illustration of the form fully filled out. Note that the successful entry of the “Banner URL” will cause a preview of the graphic itself to appear. In this case the banner will be applied to the program called “Sweden - CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS”. The banner is not scaled for Retina Display, and the hyperlink is directed to a “best rate guarantee” landing page.

Email Signature Banner Instructions 3

Once the process of saving is complete, just close the administrative tool (there is no “log out” functionality).

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