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DigiTechBRANDING Email SignaturesDigiTechBRANDING Email Signatures
DigiTechBRANDING Email SignaturesDigiTechBRANDING Email Signatures

BUSINESS EMAIL SIGNATURES | Important, Surprisingly Complicated & Often Frustrating

We've focused on almost nothing but email signatures since 1999, resulting in a deep understanding of the design and technical issues surrounding the deployment of an organizational email signature program. If you're looking for a turn-key email signature program that you can roll out with ease, you've come to the right place. We offer state-of-the-art technology that makes the lives of IT people easy while satisfying the desires of marketing and HR people for full-featured and consistent business email signatures. No email signature service is as quick & easy-to-deploy as ours.

Emal Signature Process1
Track Record of Success: We've been hired by over 1500 companies worldwide to develop email signature programs for them. In the process, we've developed a wide array of tools, techniques and experience to draw on. Email signatures are definitely not a one-size-fits-all proposition and we've built our success on our readiness and willingness to tailor every project to meet the specific needs of our customers.
Emal Signatures for Marketing, HR and ITEmail Signature Video Overview
Emal Signature Designers
All Custom Work (No Boilerplates): Somewhat surprisingly, email signatures are quite complicated. We start every project by assessing your needs, suggesting options, and providing pricing. We then utilize our extensive collection of proprietary tools to custom tailor your email signature program. Following delivery, our knowledgeable support and prompt service remains available to you indefinitely.
Easy & Reliable Standardization (Non Active Directory-Based): Our email signatures are all data-based, but rather than relying on Active Directory we utilize a cloud-based, user-centric, approach. For each email signature program we provide a custom data entry form which gives users the flexibility and control they desire, while still locking them into a corporate standard. There are four levels of data for each email signature:
  1. Generic Hidden Data: This data gets applied to everyone's signature, without them ever thinking about it. It includes things like a website link, vCard link, social media links, etc.
  2. Location Specific Hidden Data: This data is applied when the user selects a specific location or template (via our drop-down menu option). For instance, if a user selects the template for their company's Chicago office, all the address information, map link, and perhaps main phone and fax number are automatically applied to that user's email signature.
  3. Required User Entered Data: At a minimum this consists of the user's email address and their name, and often includes phone number as well.
  4. Optional User Entered Data: This generally includes title, mobile phone number, fax number, and often includes a variety of other options such as personal LinkedIn URL, Bio URL (when employee bios are maintained on the company website), and sometimes yes or no choices to various options like the inclusion of a confidentiality statement, social media icons, or a company tagline.
The result is a very quick-and-easy online form to be completed enabling the user to feel a degree of control while resulting in a consistent collection of email signatures.

Who We Work For and What We Do: Regarding email signatures, we do it all. For example, we've:
  • Created hundreds of email signatures for one-person businesses.
  • Created an email signature program for a company with over 20,000 users.
  • Created an email signature program for a company with locations in over 20 countries.
  • Created email signatures in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.
  • Assisted web-programmers with email signature HTML coding.
  • Helped graphc designers turn finished designs into functional email signatures.
  • Developed new email signature "features" that we hadn't thought of, but a customer of ours requested.

We Provide Email Signatures for Almost All Email Programs: Neither Android nor BlackBerry currently support the installation of HTML email signatures. They display HTML email signatures fine on received email, but HTML email signatures cannot be installed for use from these devices.
Embedded Website Links: Professional email signatures that effectively integrate an appropriate collection of embedded hyperlinks add significant marketing power to routine outgoing emails.

Social Media Links: Icons or text can be used to link your professional email signature to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc - these links can be either to social media pages that are specific to each user, or to the social media pages that have been created for your company overall.

Downloadable v-Cards: By incorporating links to downloadable v-Cards into a professional email signature, message recipients are able to easily add the sender's contact information to their address book.

Map Links: Including links to online maps (we prefer Google) complements the physical address information included in most professional email signatures.

Image Blocking Not Much of a Problem: If you use Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013 to send email, concerns over image blocking occurring when the email signature is received are virtually eliminated.

Disclaimers & Confidentiality Statements: Disclaimers or Confidentiality Statements are integrated neatly and effectively into our professional email signature designs.

Clear, Sharp, Images: If you use Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013, the fuzziness caused by image pixelation can be resolved through proper email signature programming techniques and then the proper configuration of Outlook.

Accommodates User Variations: We understand the personal nature of professional email signatures - some users want a cell phone number, some don't, some have a LinkedIn page, some don't, some use a title, some prefer not to, and so forth. One of the premier strengths of our service is its ability to self-adjust for these end user variations with no extra effort by anyone.

Optimized for Receipt on Smartphones: Receiving email on smartphones is becoming more commonplace every day. Our professional email signatures can be optimized for display and performance when received on a smartphone (some design considerations apply).
Embedded Links: Our professional email signatures seamlessly integrate a variety of embedded hyperlinks. We'll provide guidance as to what links to include in your email signature, and will work with you to incorporate any special links you'd like to include - maybe a link to an online catalog or a newsletter sign-up page, for instance.
Email Signatures - Embedded Hyperlinks
Links to Social Media: Professional email signatures can incorporate links to various social media sites. These links can be specific to an individual user, or can go to the corporate page on any social media site. When specifying / creating their signature, users can include some social media sites, and ignore others. For instance, in this example, Bob Madzar didn't have a blog or YouTube page. He specified URL's just for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. His email signature automatically corrected its layout when he generated it, skipping the blog and YouTube icons.
Email Signatures - Social Media Links
vCard Distribution: v-Cards (VCF files) are an Internet Standard for the distribution of contact information. They are designed to be recognized by most email (and many other communications programs) and can be instantly saved to an address book.

Shown below is a partial example of the type of information that can be included in a v-Card.

To see how our links to v-Cards work, click here to open an actual vCard - click OPEN when prompted.

As a standard part of our professional email signature service, we create vCards for our customers and include links to them in our email signatures, enabling message recipients to easily save complete contact information to their contact manager.
Email Signatures - Link to a vCard
Maps: Integrating links to online maps within professional email signatures make it easy for message recipients to find their way to the message sender's office.
Email Signatures - Link to a Map
For Users of Outlook 2007, 2010 & 2013 - Image Blocking is Not Much a Problem: Microsoft has largely resolved the problem of images being blocked when email is sent from Outlook 2007 or 2010. This makes the functionality of professional email signatures much more robust.
Email Signatures - Image Blocking
Confidentiality Statements & Disclaimers: Upon request we will add a disclaimer or confidentiality statement neatly beneath your professional email signature. If some users need more than one disclaimer, or if different users need different disclaimers, this is not a problem.
Email Signatures - Disclaimers
Image Pixelation is Eliminated: If you use Outlook 2007, 2010 or 2013, image "pixelation" or fuzziness can easily occur when inserting graphics into professional email signatures. Our signatures overcome this problem through proper coding techniques, graphics, and installation.
Email Signatures - Pixelated Images in Outlook
Accommodating End User Variations: Small nuances in people's professional email signature needs can cause big headaches. We utilize proprietary production techniques to automatically format our professional email signatures based on what data the user chooses to include, and what data they decide to exclude. This resolves a tremendously complicated issue faced by anyone trying to execute a large-scale deployment of professional email signatures.

There are very few constraints to what we can and can't do in this regard. The result is that you, and your users, get what they want - professional email signatures are meant to be personalized, we make sure they are.
Email Signatures - Personalization
Optimized for Display on Smartphones:  Our professional email signatures can be optimized for display on smartphones.

Primarily this is a design effort - focusing on keeping the signature within set width constraints.  It is a compromise, as smartphones like a narrower, more stacked, layout, and computers like a wider, more horizontal, layout.  Most of our work these days is optimized for smartphones, though the choice of final design is up to you.

Please note that smartphones sometimes do their own thing with regards to hyperlinks, and we have no control over this.  The graphic at the right reflects this with the blue hyperlinked phone numbers and the blue underlines underneath our text based links.
  Email Signatures - Optimized for Smartphones